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External Committee

The external committee consists of experts from different fields, such as health care, academia, and pharmaceutical industry, to help ensure fairness and transparency of the grant programs operated by JMACCT. This external review body assesses proposals and applications for the grant programs and decides which research proposals or applicants are to be funded.

Committee Members

Clinical Trial Grant Program Research Evaluation Committee

Committee Member Affiliation
Hiroyuki Aono European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries Associations
Masashi Ando National Cancer Center Hospital
Naohisa Ishikawa Aichi Medical University
Yoshihiko Ono Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Fumimaro Takaku Japanese Association of Medical Sciences
Tsuchida Nao National Center for Child Health and Development
Takuya Sakuhiro Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Eisuke Hida National Institute of Public Health
Susumu Yamamitsu Sapporo Medical Association

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