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What We do

Education Projects

Clinical Trial Awareness Promotion

Lack of public awareness about the importance of clinical trials is a major barrier to clinical trials in Japan.

To address this problem, JMACCT communicates with the public about what clinical trials are and how they work through its website and education materials including posters, leaflets, videos and DVDs. (See "Publications".) We also organize symposiums and seminars to better inform the public about clinical trials.

Clinical Research e-Training Center (e-learning program)

E-learning offers flexibility and allows users to learn in their own environment and at their own pace. Using e-learning technologies, JMACCT developed the Clinical Research e-Training Center*, a clinical trial education program that is designed to improve and maintain the quality of clinical trials. This program was launched on 15 February 2008 and intends to provide learning opportunities for all professionals involved in the conduct of these trials. All e-learning questions are categorized by subject area, such as Clinical Trial/GCP standards, Adverse Events, and Statistical Analysis, helping learners efficiently gain the knowledge they need. They can also use self-check tests, which allow them to know where their weaknesses are.

We will continue to improve our e-learning program by adding and updating questions, providing follow-up training and helping to advance the skills of clinical research workforce in the nation.

*: Available in Japanese only.

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