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What We do

Clinical Research Promotion Program

JMACCT runs the following three programs to support researches awarded by Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants, conducted under the MHLW’s project of Clinical Research for New Medicine.

  • Program for the invitation of foreign scientists to Japanese institutes
    JMACCT invites high-achieving foreign researchers to Japanese institutions, helping to stimulate research cooperation with other countries.
  • Program for sending Japanese researchers to overseas institutes
    JMACCT sends young Japanese researchers overseas.
  • Program for the dissemination of research results
    For the purpose of presenting the results of Clinical Research for New Medicine, JMACCT organizes meetings and workshops for the public and the researchers who conduct researches in the related subject areas. JMACCT also provides information on the initiatives taken for the promotion of Clinical Research for New Medicine through brochures and on its website.

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